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Tarot Readings - Psychic Twin Flame Healers

Personal Readings in Borrowash, Derbyshire

Twin Flame Reading

Twin flame relationships are like no other relationship. A true spiritual connection of two souls that are here to connect on earth as one soul which you are. Twin flames are the same vibrational frequency at a soul level. You have come to earth to reconnect and heal each other’s inner wounds. Here on earth we get caught up in the earthly game. This can put a lot of stress on a twin flame relationship bringing deep complicated wounds up to the surface to heal. I will be able to tap into your frequency-relationship and see where it is going, what wounds are arising that can be difficult to face. All these emotions stop your relationship from flowing in a harmonious way. A twin flame energy connection has a unique vibrational feel within the physical body.

Spiritual Awakening & Dark Night of The Soul

Are you having an awakening? Your life is falling apart as the old you begins to dissolve. Relationships, your belief system, your whole life is shifting. Me and my partner are both having a spiritual awakening. The dark night of the soul is a very lonely and painful time. We provide a comforting ear with your inner process as the real you begins to emerge.

General Reading

This reading consists of a general view of your life. Past-now-future, 3 card spread or a yes/no regarding a question.

Maybe your at a cross road in your life and you don’t know where to turn.

If your looking for a reading and don’t know which to have. Coming with nothing in mind can have the effect of a great reading, getting to the root of your psyche.

Love Reading

Relationships have a huge impact on our health, well being and balance. Love can seem so fickle at times. Going so well, so blissful, it can change like a flick of a switch.

Maybe you have been with someone for many years and it feels stale. Where’s the love gone? Was it true love...

Moving into both your energy fields, thoughts and emotions at an unconscious level will come to the surface.

Sometimes we can self sabotage our own relationships through fear, jealousy, anger and lack of trust. If this is happening it’s emotional pain suppressed that requires healing.

You may notice this pain arising when you lash out at your partner. Blaming them for this or that. Healing these emotional blocks from the past or parental conditioning is the key to a healthy relationship. I can feel these blocks and show you how to heal your own body and pain.

Healing your body will lead you to a happy, peaceful, balanced life.

Work Reading

We spend so much time at work. Can doing what I love bring me joy at work? Finding what suits you will. What’s right for your mind, soul, your energy field.

Are you stressed at work hating every moment, feeling trapped. Unaware of the hidden potential within you. Your subconscious mind that knows all the right moves for you “your higher self” will come through in the reading. I will become aligned with your energy field, tapping into your inner truth that’s hidden from your awareness.

Leaving your current job. Unemployed and stuck what to do can be a daunting experience, fear of the unknown. I will feel the right energy movement for you. I have great depth of feeling. I will know if this energy move will suit your soul path in life.

Toxic Relationship

Are you a prisoner in one of these relationships. Dependant on the person but cannot stand to be in their presence.

This is a daunting and frightening time. Some people stay in these relationships their entire life. Stuck in emotional pain and fear as leaving could bring dramatic consequences.

You will know inside yourself your ready to leave or remove these relationships from your life.

When you are in this energy relationship. I will see and feel what’s happening on the inside “your inner body” this is vital for healing and moving on. I will also be able to do this with the other person as their energy will be in you. Knowing how the energy matches, what’s to come, where it will lead.

You can free yourself from this pain, now.

Narcissistic Relationships

Narcissism can come into your life in many ways. Partner, work colleagues, parents and friends. These relationships can have a huge impact on our health and well being.

You may not have been aware that you were in a narcissistic relationship. Recognising their tricks, hoovering etc.

Having your boundaries and healing your energy field will improve your balance and well being. Once you’ve healed you will recognise the narcissistic energy movements and patterns “putting yourself first” this time.

I will see and feel these energy blocks in you. These blocks keep you in the same cycles, emotional patterns at an unconscious level.

If you are looking to be free of these patterns, healing your body is the key.

Healing Yourself

The power to change your life comes from within. Your true guidance is inside you.

This reading is with my twin flame Ben. Our combined energy field and connection will bring to the surface energy blocks in your emotional body that require healing. These emotional blocks are suppressed in the body through traumatic experiences from your past. These wounds are triggered energy fields that view your present moment reality from your conditioned past.

If you are looking for true positive change in your life, healing your emotional body and painful past is the opening to inner peace and freedom.

We will pick up this pain. How to move into the wound. Heal yourself and love yourself.

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Energy Healing

Energy Healing Physical symptoms in the body. “ailments,disease” is blocked energy trapped in certain areas of the aura and physical body. I will be able to feel where the energy is and remove the blockage. Allowing your energy system to flow freely and heal. This healing is using my hands and crystals over the effected area removing the energy and replacing with new energy. Knowing what’s caused your energy blockage will come through in the healing. Allowing you to maintain a healthier energy field.

Prices Start from £25 - For more information please call 07580 503987.

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Who are We?

Psychic Twin
Flame Healers

Perhaps you are stressed out or your love life is spiralling out of control. Our psychic guidance will bring comfort to your life situation. We will know if your relationship is the right energy match. Where it is going, is it going to last. Are they right for you. We will know your future in your career, home life, money, well being. We offer a confidential friendly ear without judgment. Whatever issue you are facing or whichever type of reading you request we have it covered.

During the reading I will see and feel what’s blocking you in your life. Many people overlook this longing for a better and brighter future. This is subject to change with external conditions, your blocks are still within you. They may manifest in your life as jealously in your relationships. Feeling your not good enough, not worthy. This can halt your progression at work, you become stale, stuck in life. Your well being is the source to finding true love, a stable career and a good relationship with money. All aspects of your life will flow when your well being is the focal point of your attention.

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